7 Effective Traffic Tactics for your Business

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7 Effective Traffic Tactics for your Business

SEMrush for competitive keyword analysis

A website that can’t get consistent traffic will always struggle to survive. Traffic is one of the pillars of online business, ensuring enough eyeballs see your offers. You can always test and adjust an offer, but a lack of traffic hinders the entire sales process. Most business owners are familiar with the popular traffic tactics like SEO and Facebook ads.

There are, however, many more techniques that can deliver targeted traffic on a consistent basis. The following tactics should be added to any campaign that wants to diversify their traffic sources.


Experiment with Pinterest

Most businesses will be active on social media, focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are other options, though, with Pinterest proving particularly effective for some markets. Users on Pinterest are more likely to save content to look at later, so you are not reliant on an immediate response.

Changes to the timeline on Facebook and Instagram have also harmed organic engagement, but Pinterest is not currently suffering from this. Additionally, Pinterest Ads can offer positive returns, with many helpful tools for marketers.


Use Answer Sites

Most industries have a number of common questions that are repeatedly asked. Whether through a Google search or a direct visit, many people end up on answer sites likes Quora or Yahoo! Answers. An effective way to gain traffic is to become the top answer for common questions. You can both drive traffic and position yourself as an expert within the niche. Most answers will be brief and incomplete, so crafting a quality response will offer more than most.




Work On Internal Linking

Internal linking offers a chance to control where visitors go and the authority that is passed between pages. You may have a number of popular pages receiving traffic, but they are not proving effective for conversions. A link can be used to direct people to an alternative target page, leading to more sales or email subscribers.

You can also use internal linking to pass authority to certain pages, helping them to rank higher in the search engines.


Build Retargeting Ads

It is common for businesses to use paid ads, but most people won’t take action from a single contact. Retargeting lets you show further ads to people who have already visited your site, helping to keep your brand in their thoughts. Retargeting can be both cost-effective and successful in making sales, helping to avoid the problem of visitors forgetting about you.


use a podcast to grow your business

Start a Podcast

A podcast can be a big commitment, taking time to produce, develop, and promote the content. The results, though, can make it worth the investment, helping to reach audiences that won’t necessarily respond to other forms of advertising.

Podcasts show personality, so listeners will have a closer bond than is commonly possible with other content. Additionally, the podcast can exist long after it was produced, leading to consistent flows of traffic.


Use Spy Tools

Creating a traffic strategy from scratch is unnecessary in the online world. There are plenty of tools that will reveal what your competitors are doing, allowing you to see what appears to be working. Tools like SEMrush and SpyFu are effective for seeing which keywords are being targeted in SEO and paid ads. BuzzSumo will show the types of content that are working in a niche and specific examples that were widely shared on social media.

SEMrush for competitive keyword analysis

Allow User-Generated Content

Developing a new supply of content is important, but you can also perform actions that ensure existing pages will have a longer life. You can keep content fresh by allowing user-generated content on your site, with features like reviews and comments. Your original article might be evergreen, but regular user additions will also keep the page updated.

This fresh content will satisfy the search engines, while you can also encourage contributors to post on their social media channels for extra syndication.

In Conclusion

An effective traffic campaign will get visitors from a variety of sources. Too many businesses have suffered when their only traffic source has dried up. If Google closes your account, for example, you will want to be confident that you can still drive traffic and make sales. Traffic is a pillar of an online business, so making it a priority will ensure the long-term success of your enterprise.